KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. – Republican State Representative Beverly Boswell said today her primary challenger “sounds like Bernie Sanders” with his “emotional” opposition to President Trump’s proposal for oil and gas exploration 70-miles off the North Carolina coast.

Bobby Hanig, a Currituck County Commissioner opposing Boswell in the May 8th primary, supported a resolution opposing the Trump plan on Monday night.  Hanig said his opposition was “based on emotion” and not facts illustrating tens of thousands of high-paying jobs and billions more in additional tax revenue.

Boswell said she supports the President’s proposal and cites a study funded by Dare County to back up her stand.

“Dare County’s own economic study showed nearly 4,000 new jobs and over $200 million in additional income for the county,” Boswell said.  “Those are real good-paying jobs for our local people – not summer workers imported from other countries,” she added.

“President Trump’s proposal will also have an immediate downward effect on energy prices from our electric bills to gasoline and the cost of every single product we use in our daily lives.  That’s just too much to ignore and anyone who does is too weak to serve as a Republican representing our area in Raleigh.”

Boswell added that Hanig’s statement to the Daily Advance that “everybody that lives on the Outer Banks has a job” clearly illustrates just how out-of-touch Hanig is.  According to the N.C. Dept. of Commerce employment/unemployment figures, the four counties (Currituck, Dare, Hyde and Pamlico) in the new Sixth District, reported 2,256 jobless individuals in December.

“I reject scare tactics from radical environmental extremist types who look down on real people who want and need good-paying year-round jobs, not the seasonal tourist jobs many of whom go to people from other countries,” Boswell said.  “It’s sad that they intimidate Mr. Hanig.  They don’t intimidate me.”

Additionally, the N.C. Fisheries Association, which is one of the largest trade association for the commercial fishing industry in North Carolina, supports Offshore Energy Exploration. Click here to read more.

“And to be very pellucid, I also support and recognize the tremendous economic value that beach tourism provides to our state’s economy.  Thus, why I advocated and successfully established the Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund during the 2017 legislative session,” Boswell noted.  “The directive for this fund will continue our efforts in the General Assembly to preserving our beaches via beach nourishment, terminal groins and jetties.”

“Make no mistake – President Trump is truly committed to Making America Great Again by rebuilding our national defense and by bringing America towards complete energy independence,” added Boswell.  “I stand with the President and against those on the radical left who want to stop his agenda – even those who call themselves ‘Republicans.'”

The Kill Devil Hills Republican said that by siding with Governor Roy Cooper and the radical left on this issue, Hanig gave away exactly why he is running.

“President Trump won the new Sixth District by 30 points and everyone knows the Republican Primary winner will win in November,” Boswell said.  “That’s why Governor Cooper’s allies are backing candidates in primaries in safe Republican districts all over the state – and Bobby Hanig is obviously one of them,” she said.

Democrats have just 45 seats in the House, short of 49 needed to uphold a Roy Cooper veto.  But rather than relying solely on electing more Democrats, they’re also looking for “friendly” Republicans who can give the Governor a vote when needed.

“There’s a lot at stake in this election and Democrats will be funneling tens of thousands – maybe even hundreds of thousands – into this Republican Primary in an attempt to replace me with Bobby Hanig,” Boswell said.  “But real Republicans know I’ve been fighting for all taxpayers, and don’t want a Bernie Sanders liberal who will side with Governor Cooper against the people as their voice in Raleigh.  And Bobby Hanig is a Roy Cooper liberal.  And his vote against the President’s energy independence policy is just one more example.”

Boswell currently represents the Sixth House District which includes Dare, Hyde, Washington and part of Beaufort Counties.  Recent redistricting removed Washington and Beaufort with Currituck and Pamlico Counties.  The district, running hundreds of miles from the Virginia state line, is the largest State House seat East of the Mississippi.

(See graphic below of the economic impact to North Carolina)


Luke Stancil, 919-634-0597

March 9, 2018