KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. – Republican State Representative Beverly Boswell said her primary opponent’s alleged reasons for running actually endorse her conservative, pro-taxpayer record in Raleigh.

“I cannot figure out why he is running. Everything he claims he wants to do is what Senator Cook and I are already doing including cutting taxes even more and undoing liberal regulations implemented by Democrats in past years,” Boswell noted.

“No one, at least no one who believes in conservative values, can attack the pro-taxpayer, pro-jobs record Bill Cook and I have built over the last two years,” Boswell said.  “And neither can Mr. Hanig.  He babbles in his press release about ‘effectiveness’ but no one has been more effective than I have in standing up to leftist extremists and their dangerous and radical agenda.”

Boswell pointed out that “one thing I did not see in Mr. Hanig’s announcement was any mention of other issues important to many of us here in our coastal communities. In his announcement he made no mention of the war on our commercial fishermen or the politically correct war going on in our country. His press release was nothing more than amorphous vague doubletalk saying nothing controversial. And that shows he’s afraid to take a stand for what we believe. And Mr. Hanig appears to believe in nothing but getting another title.”

Boswell, who won her first election narrowly in part thanks to a strong showing by President Trump, praised the President for fighting back against the “unhinged and out-of-control radical left that has taken over the Democratic Party.”

“President Trump has turned this nation around and the left is crazier and more unhinged than ever,” Boswell said.  “And they’ve made me a number one target and not just in November, but now we see also in the Republican Primary.”

“But these anti-Trump liberals have a surprise coming,” Boswell said, “because the American people support our President, and reject those who want to water down our conservative message and sell out to the Democrats as they have done for so many years,” she said, predicting she would win the primary by a big margin including in Hanig’s own Currituck County.

Boswell said that “the number one group going after me are these so-called environmentalists who don’t want to protect our beaches and waterways, they want to control our beaches and waterways.”

“Liberals attack me because I fight ridiculous so-called environmental regulations that destroy jobs here on the coast,” Boswell said. “But I will always stand with the people who live here, not the people who don’t live here who want to control how we live here.”

Boswell works in Nags Head as a medical assistant phlebotomist and has four children and four grandchildren.  Before her election to the state legislature, she served as Dare County Commissioner.

Boswell currently represents the Sixth House District which includes Dare, Hyde, Washington and part of Beaufort Counties.  Recent redistricting removed Washington and Beaufort with Currituck and Pamlico Counties.  The district, running hundreds of miles from the Virginia state line, is the largest State House seat East of the Mississippi.



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February 20, 2018

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