BEVERLY BOSWELL supports the job-attracting income, gasoline and corporate tax cuts passed by Governor McCrory and Senator Cook and will oppose new welfare programs so further tax cuts can be passed.

WARREN JUDGE favors repealing the McCrory-Cook tax cuts, raising the 5.49% top rate back up to 7.75% and repealing the corporate tax cuts that have attracted so many jobs. Just this past year Judge tried to raise Dare County’s sales tax by another quarter point to pay for more spending!


BEVERLY BOSWELL looks to the private sector, not government, to create jobs and wants to continue the McCrory-Cook regulatory relief program that repealed decades of stale, outdated rules that stifled job-creation.

WARREN JUDGE is a typical liberal Democrat who believes government, not the private sector, is the engine that runs our economy. His tax increases and new “environmental” regulations would stop the influx of new jobs coming to our state since Pat McCrory and Bill Cook took charge.


BEVERLY BOSWELL believes our fishermen, sportsmen and recreational beach users should have the maximum freedom to enjoy our waterways and shoreline.

WARREN JUDGE has been endorsed by radical environmental extremists linked to the Southern Environmental Law Center and the Sierra Club – the same people who are limiting ORV use on our beaches and declaring many “off-limits” to all human activity.


BEVERLY BOSWELL has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association for her strong and complete support for the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

WARREN JUDGE received an “F” rating from the NRA and won’t commit to protecting our right to carry, our Stand Your Ground law or our right to buy firearms and ammunition.


BEVERLY BOSWELL strongly supports North Carolina’s Right-to-Work law and will protect it against assaults from out-of-state Union Bosses and Democratic Party politicians.

WARREN JUDGE is being bankrolled by liberal public employee unions from out-of-state and will vote to repeal North Carolina’s Right-to-Work protections for employees


BEVERLY BOSWELL is pro-life and supports North Carolina’s law protecting businesses and schools that don’t want to let grown men use the ladies’ restroom.

WARREN JUDGE supports legal abortion up to the moment of birth, funded with our tax dollars, for any reason at all. And Judge will vote to repeal the HB2 law that protects businesses and schools who reject so-called “transgender rights.”