beverlyBeverly Boswell is a conservative fighter for taxpayers running for the North Carolina House to continue the conservative change our state has made since Pat McCrory and Bill Cook began cutting taxes four years ago.

Working her way up from struggling single mother to registered nurse and Dare County Commissioner, Beverly rejects the liberal notions of victim-hood and government dependency in favor of limited government, lower taxes and ending anti-business regulations that kept out jobs.

Whether it is fighting radical environmental extremists who want to keep humans off our waterways and beaches, left-wing elitists who want to force a social agenda on our state that conflicts with our values or taking on tax-and-spend liberals who demand more of our money for more welfare programs, no one is on our side more than Beverly Boswell.

“I look forward to working with my fellow legislators for more tax cuts, an end to left-wing regulations that limit our freedoms and our way of life and protecting our conservative values as your representative in the North Carolina House.”

== Beverly Boswell, Republican for NC House