BEVERLY BOSWELL is a conservative fighter for taxpayers committed to the conservative change Republicans have brought to North Carolina since taking over the legislature eight years ago.

BEVERLY rejects the liberal notions of victimhood and government dependency in favor of limited government, lower taxes and ending anti-business regulations that keep out jobs

BEVERLY has been a conservative champion in the North Carolina House taking on the left-wing Roy Cooper agenda.  Whether it is fighting radical environmental extremists who want to regulate fishing and control our beaches, left-wing elitists forcing an extreme social agenda on our state or tax and spend liberals demanding more of our money, no one fights for taxpayers more than BEVERLY BOSWELL.

“With Roy Cooper as Governor, Republicans need strong and principled conservative leaders who won’t buckle under to political correctness and public pressure from organized left-wing lobbies.  I believe I’ve done that job and done it well enough to earn your support for another term as your voice in Raleigh.”

== Beverly Boswell, Republican for NC House