KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC (April 30 2018) ​- N.C. State Representative Beverly Boswell has earned the endorsement of North Carolina Right to Life and was ranked 4th in the State House by the North Carolina Values Coalition for championing family values like limiting abortion, protecting religious freedoms, allowing school choice, and ensuring privacy and safety for our children.

“As a Christian, mother and grandmother, I believe that all life, regardless of age, is a sacred gift from God and must be protected. I am humbled and honored to receive North Carolina Right to Life’s endorsement and ranked 4th in the N.C. House of Representatives by the North Carolina Values Coalition,” Boswell said. “There is nothing more important than defending the life of the pre-born, standing firm in defense of traditional families, and protecting our constitutional rights. And I’ve championed these conservative causes my whole life. Not just as a member of the North Carolina Legislature, but also as a mother and member of our community.”

Recognizing Boswell’s vigorous public defense of preborn children and stellar voting record, Barbara Holt, president of N.C. Right to Life, announced Boswell’s endorsement in a letter and stated, “North Carolina Right to Life PAC is pleased to endorse you (Rep. Beverly Boswell) for reelection to the NC House in the upcoming May 8th Primary. North Carolina Right to Life does not usually get involved in primaries except when there is a solidly pro-life incumbent being challenged in a primary.” Click here to view the letter.

In stark contrast to Boswell’s consistent pro-life record and the State and National Republican Party platforms, her opponent Bobby Hanig in his closing comments at the Currituck County Republican Party’s candidates forum on April 26th, stated that he is “pro-choice,” in essence a supporter of abortion.

Article IV. (Sanctity of Life) Section 1 of the N.C. Republican Party Platform reads, “We believe in the sanctity of all human life. Unborn children have constitutional rights to life and liberty and, as such, the government must respect and protect all innocent human life from conception to natural death.” Click here to view the N.C. Republican Party Platform.

In the State Legislature, Boswell has voted/sponsored several pro-life bills, including authoring House Bill 161 (Right to Life at Conception Act) – defining that life begins at conception and extends Constitutional protections to the unborn. Click here to view the legislation.

The North Carolina Values Coalition recognized Boswell as “2018 Champion of the Family” – her proven conservative track-record scored a 92.50% – notably the 4th highest score presented to all 120 members in the N.C. House of Representatives. The North Carolina Values “Champions of the Family Scorecard” scores legislators on how much they have championed pro-family values. Candidates are given certain points on the basis of whether they voted for or against important legislation related to pro-family issues.

Tami L. Fitzgerald, executive director of the N.C. Values Coalition, gave high marks to the members of the Legislature whom received a score of 90% or higher for their work to bring North Carolina back to the traditions that have made our state and country great and the vision of our Founding Fathers of a free and just society. “We believe that voting in favor of candidates who share our values produces good public policies,” Fitzgerald said.“Therefore, we encourage you to consider these Champions of the Family as you vote. These champions are individuals who scored a 90% or higher on our 2018 Champions of the Family Scorecard for their work defending family values in the N.C. General Assembly.”

Click here to find out which legislators also stood strongly in favor of family values. Boswell works in Nags Head, North Carolina as a medical assistant phlebotomist and has four children and four grandchildren. Before her election to the state legislature, she served as a Dare County Commissioner.


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April 30, 2018