FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Luke Stancil, 919-634-0597
March 14, 2018                   
“Roy Cooper is just like every other liberal…”

KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. – Republican State Representative Beverly Boswell blasted Governor Roy Cooper today for endorsing new and expanded gun control laws in response to a mass shooting in a “Gun Free Zone” earlier this month.

“Roy Cooper is just like every other liberal, blaming law-abiding gun owners for crime instead of the criminal element,” Boswell said.

The Kill Devil Hills Republican said she will be pushing in the opposite direction in this year’s session. “As your representative in Raleigh, I’ve been fighting to expand your gun rights because the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  And the solution to school shootings is allowing school personnel with carry permits to carry in schools as well as outside of school,” Boswell said.

Boswell noted that “92 percent of all mass shootings occur in so-called Gun Free Zones because these sick criminals know no one will be armed to stop them.”

“No one is going to try a mass shooting when they know they might be taken down before firing the first shot,” Boswell, herself a gun-owner, said.

Boswell, currently facing a primary from a left-wing environmentalist “Republican”, said it’s important for strong conservatives to be returned to Raleigh. “Unlike the weak Republicans in Florida, I will not cave into political pressure and I will never compromise our Second Amendment rights,” Boswell said.  “Liberals know they can’t elect a Democrat in a district President Trump won by 30 points, so they’re going to focus their efforts on taking me out in the Republican Primary with someone who will vote their way when needed.”

Boswell currently represents the Sixth House District which includes Dare, Hyde, Washington and part of Beaufort Counties.  Recent redistricting removed Washington and Beaufort with Currituck and Pamlico Counties.  The district, running hundreds of miles from the Virginia state line, is the largest State House seat East of the Mississippi.

Boswell works in Nags Head as a medical assistant phlebotomist and has four children and four grandchildren.  Before her election to the state legislature, she served as Dare County Commissioner.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Luke Stancil, 919-634-0597
March 14, 2018